Since its establishment in 1988, our company has been serving with more than 20 employees in a closed area of 2000 m² with an open spirit to the innovations.

Kasapoğlu Branda is trading by leading as what our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says "Cheating is not yourselves”, a trader who does not deceive anyone, according to his beliefs. He always strives to be able to produce better with the least costs and stands behind every work he has done and it will always be like that.

Following the innovations in the sector, it constantly increases the variety of materials and gives importance to the quality of the work done with the training of the employees and carries out maintenance and repair of all kinds of materials that are produced and used by the customer without interruption.

Our company takes the materials used in the production from the leading suppliers in Turkey and we’re taking on over 40 years of knowledge and experience, offers to supply as soon as possible whether the service of our end consumers.

After sales, if any, we are making our customers' problems easier by producing solutions in the shortest time and at the place.

In this respect, we would like to thank you for the trust and pleasure of our company.


We offer superior quality products at the most reasonable prices with our wide range of colors and models.


  • Innovation is one of the most important basic conditions of success. For this reason, we attach importance to research, development and education.
  • The results we receive from research and development activities are antagonistic as user-focused products.
  • We have the quality / function expansion by converting the requests from our customers to the product specifications.
  • We develop products that bring convenience to our customers, long user experience and user satisfaction.
  • Each product passes strict checks before it leaves production.
  • We believe that quality is the priority condition for satisfaction of our customers.



Kalite Kontrol
Stoklarımıza giren her ham madde kalite kontrol aşamalarından geçer.
Yenilikçi tasarımlarımız hazırlanır ve sunuma hazır hale gelir.
Geliştirme sürecinde hammaddelerimiz gerekli testlerden geçer.
Sizden gelen taleplere göre uygulama süreci için üretim başlar.
Üretilen ürünlerimiz özel araçlarımız ile teslimata çıkar.
Montaj ve Kontrol
Montajı tamamlanan ürünlerimizin yerinde kalite kontrolleri son kez yapılır ve teslim sağlanır.

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