Bellows Awning


Our blower awning varieties are reeled systems and are completely self-manufactured. The house is designed to provide a more aesthetic appearance to your spaces by protecting apartment entrances and all of your spaces from natural factors such as sun, rain and snow.

We apply blind awning systems to the windows of boutique hotels, to the glass of restaurants and to the entrance of business places. The difference from our other fixed awning varieties is that our folding awning systems are folding systems.

Our foldable bellows with a half dome shape are produced depending on the color and size of our products.

Bellows Tent Types Sales and Service Zone

Bellows Tent applications are provided in 1988 in the daily Bandırma center, Balıkesir's Gönen, Erdek, Manyas, Susurluk districts, Bursa's Karacabey, Mustafakemalpaşa and Çanakkale's Biga and Çan districts.

Production with Wide Machine Equipments with Professional Team

We have wide machine equipments in 2000 square meter indoor area in Bandırma and more than 20 professional fields to provide you with smooth and reliable service. There is no doubt that you will talk about us to your friends.

Our Bellows Tarpaulin Applications

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